Approve appointment

For the sake of Gloversville, the Common Council should approve Mayor Dayton King’s suggested appointment to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

At the organizational meeting earlier this month, King chose not to reappoint zoning board Chairwoman Karen Smith. Sixth Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski said he would not consider voting in favor of another person for the board until Smith is reappointed.

Appointments to this board are made by the mayor, but they need to be approved by the council. On Jan. 14, King tried to reappoint David Strausser to the zoning board, but the council voted down the appointment.

Later, other council members said they did not understand why King would refuse to reappoint Smith, who has been a volunteer on the zoning board for many years.

King said he wanted to give other people a chance on the board, and he had concerns about Smith’s professionalism. He claimed members of the public had stated Smith talked down to them and is “unpleasant to be around.”

Of course, the issue seems more complicated than that. Smith is president of the Gloversville Republican Committee and Siarkowski is a member. Last year, the committee announced its endorsement of Michael Ponticello for mayor before the primary election, which he lost to King.

Is King’s refusal to reappoint Smith political payback? If it is, Smith and the council should accept it and move on. The appointment is the mayor’s prerogative, and politics can be a rough game.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is a five-member board with usually one alternate. However, with the current gridlock over who will fill the vacant positions, it only has three members, which is just enough for a quorum. The lack of members could restrict the board’s ability to do its job.

Perhaps King should have communicated with the council earlier about his intentions, but we doubt it would have made a difference. The bottom line is the council should not risk hurting Gloversville to take the mayor down a peg.