District eyes 1 polling place

GLOVERSVILLE-Members of the Gloversville Enlarged School District Board of Education may consolidate the district’s polling places for school board elections and other district-related votes.

School officials discussed a plan to reduce the number of polling places for district-related votes from six, spread out among all the schools in the district and the Bleeker Town Hall, to one, set in either the Gloversville Middle School or High School. The plan would not affect polling places for other elections, such as those for city and state offices.

Michael Vanyo, district superintendent, said many school districts are choosing to go with one polling site.

“We looked at Fulton and Montgomery [county] schools and everyone but [Greater Amsterdam School District] does a single site vote, and I think they do all their [voting] in the gym,” Vanyo said.

Gloversville High School would be a good place to set up a vote because the school’s gym could be divided, allowing a section for classes to go on and another for voters, he said.

Safety is another concern the way polling places are set up currently, Vanyo said. With all the work done to keep the district secure, he said, one day a year the district opens the schools up to strangers while classes are in session.

“People could enter in and out one way [with one polling place]” Vanyo said. “We could still conduct classes and control where people come in and out those doors.”

Voting machines could also be reduced from seven to possibly two or three, saving time with repairs, he said.

According to Assistant Superintendent Steven Schloicka, 19 election supervisors could be lowered to six.

“[There is] an approximate total savings of about $1,400 a year by moving it to one place, but it is less a cost-saving issue and more a safety issue,” Schloicka said.

Vanyo said a decision would need to be made in February so plans could be made for future votes.

However, nothing has been decided yet. Vanyo said he hopes to have another discussion on the matter in the future.