Not just about the pins for Anna King

The love and support shown by our community for the Anna King Angel Pin Fundraiser was priceless. Being able to present the family with a check for more than $10,000 by selling $3 pins was magical.

Anna has been on the heart transplant list for more than 600 days now. Having so many people showing their support, love and concern for Anna and her family helped the Anna King family immensely.

Without Teddi Knapp’s angel designs, this fundraiser would not have been possible.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with the pins. Whether you cut the wood, sanded or prepared the pins for sale, it was all a great help. You all know who you are and should feel proud knowing that you helped make Anna’s days a little brighter.

Besides my many friends who helped out, area businesses started contacting me out of the blue to ask if they could help. It was unbelievable that many of the places didn’t know Anna but wanted to participate in the fundraiser by selling the pins or making a donation. I hope I’m not leaving any business out because you all meant so much to me: Teddi’s Adirondack Art, Gracie’s Gifts, Core Fit, Hair Peace and Stutzke’s Fuel-n-Food in Mayfield; Access Transportation, Fort Plain; Mike’s Diner, Fultonville; Vintage Cafe, Brown’s Ford, Railside Cafe and Office for Aging in Johnstown; Adirondack Country Store, Northville; and Post Net, Bona Liquor, Gloversville Sewing Center, Bowman’s Market and Kingsboro Lumber in Gloversville.

Thank you also to the many local churches and schools that were incredibly generous.

Thousands of people purchased a $3 Angel Pin to raise more than $10,000; good will is alive and well in Fulton County.

In conclusion, I would ask that you consider signing up to be an organ donor. You could help to save many lives.