Toys made holidays merry

Now that the Christmas season has come and gone, it is time to reflect back on how the 2013 Toys for Tots campaign went. We are often asked if we had a successful year. This is something we can’t measure in profits or losses. We measure it on the fact that for every request for help, we were able to provide our community with the toys that were needed.

This year, we had 10 nonprofit organizations and more than 350 families from Fulton and Montgomery counties that needed our help. This amounted to more than 1,600 area children who deserved some help on Christmas morning. To fulfill this mission, we received the help of nearly 100 private and corporate donors, businesses, professional offices, medical offices, professional groups and schools to collect thousands of toys. To name them all would take more space than I have available. But I do have to name a few that went over and above; MAXFlow Chemicals, Lexington JDH, LOOM No. 1185, Pine Tree Rifle Club, Johnstown Pizza Hut, Fulton County Federal Credit Union, Jackies Diner, UPS Store, Benjamin Moore & Co. and West & Company CPAs. At the end, over 4,100 toys were distributed to the community. Each and every person who made a toy or cash donation was a very important part of our campaign.

The Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education once again allowed us to use some space in the Jansen Avenue School to run our program. Also, their dedicated custodial staff ensured that any assistance they could provide, they did. Without them, we could not run our program.

A very special thanks to our many dedicated volunteers who were always there to help however they could. Whether it was collecting, sorting, bagging or distributing the toys, each and every one of them helped us to have a smooth-running operation. And finally, we have to thank the Adirondack Detachment 787MCL for being our sponsor.

Plans for the 2014 campaign are already under way. We are looking at doing a 5K, a pancake breakfast, another bottle drive and a 2014 Kick Off dance. For more information about our program, please visit the Toys for Tots website at We will have updates as the year goes on. Finally, a tip of our Marine Corps covers to all and job well done -?Semper Fi.


Toys for Tots coordinators,

Fulton/Montgomery counties