Lorey, sheriffs right to oppose SAFE Act

I support Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey and the other New York state sheriffs in their lawsuit challenging the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013.

The SAFE Act, like the “Unaffordable Health Care Act” (Obamacare), was passed by New York’s legislature under severe political pressure from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration in the dark of night, without debate and without the legally required time for legislative and taxpayer review (time to read it). This was done under the clearly transparent guise of an “emergency scenario.” That by itself, in my opinion, makes the law unconstitutional in all regards.

That said, where is The Leader-Herald’s editorial challenge and condemnation of President Barack Obama’s total disregard for several laws, including Defense of Marriage Act and current immigration laws, not to mention his own Obamacare law, which he is rewriting at will during its disastrous start-up?

In addition to clear constitutionality questions regarding the SAFE Act, the law was written and passed so fast that no or few provisions were made for resources necessary to enforce it. In other words, it is yet another unfunded state mandate forced upon local taxpayers. Cuomo has once again written a check with his mouth that we taxpayers must cover with our backsides. Enough is enough.