Road To Recovery

PALATINE BRIDGE – River of Jubilee Church Pastor Gail Adamoschek supervised people in the bitter cold Thursday as they unloaded a tractor-trailer filled with building materials destined for those still rebuilding after last June’s flooding.

Town and village employees from Minden, Palatine and Fort Plain, along with members of Teamsters Local 294, filled an old garage at Route 5 and Glen Avenue with the donations from Jezreel International, a nonprofit group in Albany.

The donations included doors, flooring, sinks, cabinets and other materials. June’s flooding damaged parts of the Mohawk Valley, particularly Fort Plain. The devastation claimed the life of one village resident – Ethel Healey, 87 – and left many homes in ruins.

Adamoschek said Thursday’s delivery was one of the larger donations given by Jezreel. The items filled the tractor-trailer, which belongs to the Teamsters.

Adamoschek said her church has been directly involved with the recovery.

“The Bible says love thy neighbor,” she said. “That really is the message we want our region to understand. Love your neighbor and help him out when something is going on.”

The latest donations will go to those who still need the help. Adamoschek said seven homes are still being rebuilt.

“We know who needs what because I’m a director of the volunteers. I’ve been in their home,” Adamoschek said.

Adamoschek said one of the seven homes is a new construction. The home was destroyed in the flooding, but instead of rebuilding on the site, the owners chose a new location.

The other six homes are being repaired.

“At least they’re inside their homes,” Adamoschek said.

Cabinets, doors, flooring and other items were stacked throughout the garage Thursday, along with other construction materials.

Previously, Adamoschek invited people who had lost their first floors to pick out donated items they needed.

“Those people were so happy,” Adamoschek said.

Bill Ehrenreich, an employee of the Minden Highway Department, said he was volunteering Thursday because he cares about the community.

“It was kind of an easy call,” Ehrenreich said. “It is our community that has been affected. People around us are the ones that need our help. It is kind of a no-brainer.”

Bill Kinisky, a volunteer with the Fort Plain Volunteer Center, has been helping people since the flooding.

“It has been great, because without [the volunteer help], we wouldn’t be able to do these rebuilds we’ve done or the ones we still have to do,” Kinisky said.

Adamoschek said volunteers are still needed, particularly skilled laborers, for home repairs.

People interested in volunteering can reach Adamoschek at 322-1427. Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 13, Sprakers, NY 12166.

In late June, floodwaters rose on the Otsquago Creek by several feet, causing flood damage to parts of the village. While some homes and businesses were able to recover soon after the flooding, others were not.

Rebuilding and volunteer efforts have been ongoing.

Fort Plain Mayor Guy Barton previously said 10 homes were condemned because of the flooding.