Prevention is the best cancer protection

Cancer screenings and early detection save lives. All women are at risk for cervical cancer. It is especially important for women who have not had a Pap test within the past five years to get screened because six out of 10 cervical cancers occur in women who have never received a Pap test.

Women are so busy with their family and work schedules that they forget to take care of themselves. The Cancer Services Program of Fulton and Montgomery Counties would like to remind women to schedule a cervical health screening.

There usually aren’t any symptoms of cervical cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage. That’s why having a regular Pap test is the key to prevention. According to the American Cancer Society, many women do not know that as they get older, they are still at risk of getting cervical cancer. This is why it is important for older women to keep having regular Pap tests.

If you do not have health insurance, take advantage of the Cancer Services Program and get your cervical cancer screening. The screening is at no cost to you.

Cancer Services Program of Fulton and Montgomery Counties also offers free clinical breast exams, mammograms, pelvic exams, Pap testing to women 40 and older, and colorectal cancer screening kits to men and women 50 and older.

If you do not have health insurance and would like to see if you are eligible, please call Suzanne Hagadorn, program coordinator, at 841-3726. Enrollment is easy.


Fulton County Public Health educator