Town waiting on releasing bond for roundabout work

JOHNSTOWN – Town officials agreed Monday to wait on releasing Walmart from a bond for work on the roundabout near the new supercenter.

According to town Supervisor Nancy MacVean, the bond was for work done around the roundabout, which connects Hales Mills Road Extension, South Kingsboro Avenue Extension, the entrance to the supercenter and Route 30A.

The bond, MacVean said, was for somewhere around $20,000 to $30,000. The bond said Walmart would make repairs and changes to the road. The work included rerouting part of Hales Mills, MacVean said.

Theodore Bradt, town highway supervisor, said a portion of Hales Mills also was closed, and road signs were installed.

Cathi Radner, town attorney, told the board she had received a request to release the bond – meaning the work has been appropriately completed.

However, Radner said it would be wise to wait until all the work has truly been completed before they release the bond. Members of the town board agreed.

“When the snow melts in the spring, and we find something that wasn’t done and we release the bond too quickly, then we can’t hold them to it,” MacVean said.

MacVean said the board could approve releasing the bond once town officials double check that all the work has been done.

Health accounts OK

The board approved the use of health reimbursement accounts for town employees insurance plans during Monday’s meeting.

In a 3 to 0 vote, members of the board approved the use of the accounts.

Board member Beth Schloicka did not attend the meeting. Board member Jim Westover declined to vote on the matter.

According to MacVean, the accounts – part of an employee’s insurance plan – give single employees $1,000 on an account, similar to a debit card, that can be used at any doctor’s office. For the people with a family plan, or two people, they get $1,500.

“This is covering part of the deductible, before their insurance kicks in,” MacVean said.