Grateful for volunteers after accident

I do not know how many of you have had to use the services provided by the outstanding Meco Volunteer Fire Department. I am one who has had the fortune of being cared for by the guys and would like to share my story.

On my way home from work late at night, my car slid over the guardrail and then rolled twice down the embankment off Route 29A. In less then 20 minutes, I went from being alone to having a “troop of guys” working to get me out of my vehicle. This was almost midnight on a night when I’m sure they would have much rather been warm at home, but they were pulled away from whatever they were doing to come to the aid of a stranger. I work at the Stewart’s Shop in Meco so none of them are strangers to me, but they didn’t know who was in that situation that night. They just knew they had to respond to an accident. I was ultimately ambulanced to Albany Medical Center where they reiterated what I already knew. These guys did everything right, from removing me from the vehicle to putting the collar on my neck to bringing me back up to street level safely strapped to a board.

No one wants to be put in the situation where these volunteers (key word – volunteers) are necessary, but I can assure you they are skilled, trained and necessary personnel to have in our community. They are selfless and humble.

These people do this on a regular basis with little thanks, so I am here to give them a big “thank you” from me and my family.