Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To a done deed. The deed to the former Tryon Detention Center is now officially the property of the Fulton County Industrial Development Agency. We are pleased the IDA has not sat idle waiting for ownership but instead has been proactive. In June 2011, when state officials were trying to decide what would happen with the 450-acre site, a group of our local officials was picturing the future for this region and formulating a plan. Twenty-five months later, that plan can now go full speed ahead. The possibilities are only limited by imaginations and willingness. Yes, there is work to be done, and it will demand full cooperation from all involved, but it will be worth it in the end. Naysayers take a back seat on this one.

CHEERS -?To a half-million dollars. In 2010, we started cheering those who were conscientious enough to take part in the Chamber Check program, which was first initiated through the then-Fulton County Regional Chamber of Commerce and has continued under the new Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce. With the final figures for 2013 now in, we can calculate purchases of these checks generated nearly $540,000 over the past four years. That money flows right back into our local businesses. Remember, these checks are not just available during the holidays but can be purchased all year long. The businesses that participate in the program welcome them, and we’re sure they’d join us in another round of applause to people who have invested in our community.

JEERS – To a bit of a precedent. With the story this week on the fact Fulton County government has four union negotiations on the near horizon, it is a bit of a concern eight Fulton County officials are getting raises this year. The total amount of those raises is nearly $20,000, which is not astronomical, but it creates a perception money is available for increases in salaries.