Council should OK King’s appointments

The Gloversville Common Council needs to stop playing petty games and support Mayor Dayton King’s nominations to the city’s boards and committees. As stated earlier this month by The Leader-Herald editorial staff, the mayor has the power to appoint whom he wishes. He must be able to appoint people he can work with and get along with.

The mayor won a resounding victory this fall, being only the second mayor in 50 years to be reelected to a second term. The council needs to think about the fact a strong majority of the people have supported Mayor King in the recent election, and we expect them to do the same by approving his nominees.

New blood is needed on the city boards and committees; the same people cannot be reappointed and reappointed time after time. Ten years for any citizen on the same board is more than enough; bring in a new point of view and a new approach and continue to help rejuvenate the city with new appointments. We can see the problem nationally and in our state with the same people being in power for years and years without change. It is not a good thing for the city to experience this either.

Along with the absolute majority of the people who supported Mayor King in this most recent election, I support him in whom he wishes to appoint to city committees and boards, and I beg the Common Council to wake up to this message and do the same.