Students support Northville’s Monette

NORTHVILLE – A group of students at Northville High School staged a sit-in this morning in support of senior Tim Monette, who is undergoing treatment for Burkitt’s Lymphoma.

Monette, a member of the boys basketball team, has been playing for the Falcons while undergoing treatment for his disease.

Students staged the sit-in and mounted a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag lettimplay after getting the impression that the school wasn’t allowing Monette to play for the team.

However, the district said this morning that it will allow Monette to play with a doctor’s permission.

Northville Superintendent Dr. Debra Lynker issued a press release this morning.

“Last night (Jan. 15), Northville High School principal Mariah Kramer questioned Tim Monette’s eligibility to play basketball, given that the district policy requires a student be in attendance on the day of the game to be eligible to play,” Lynker said in the news release. “She responded fairly and properly by letting him play last night and telling his parents that she needed to investigate this further in the morning. Never did she say definitively that he could not play.”

“After consulting me and the school’s attorney first thing this morning, it was decided that the home tutoring he is receiving constitutes the requisite attendance and as long as he has a doctor’s clearance for each game, he may be eligible to play,” Lynker said in the release. “It is unfortunate that misinformation circulated through social media before it could even be resolved properly.”