Residency issue unresolved

GLOVERSVILLE – After a one-hour executive session with city Labor Attorney Bryan Goldberger, the Common Council and Mayor Dayton King walked away with no resolution on the issue regarding the residency and reappointment of the mobility manager.

The council previously delayed appointing William Walrath to another term as the head of the city’s transit system.

A city resident in November told officials that Walrath, a Northville resident, is holding a department head position without being a city resident and could be in violation of state and local law.

Goldberger’s legal opinion, presented in a letter to the Common Council last month, stated Walrath would be able to remain in his position because he lives in Fulton County.

However, King said the council was seeking more clarification from Goldberger.

“[Walrath’s] in the position and is doing a good job,” King said after the meeting. “I feel the council just wants to make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed in the paper work.”

King said despite Walrath’s term running out at the end of 2013, he will keep working in the transit position.

“There are a bunch of issues about the position regarding a grant and how the grant affected the title of the position,” Goldberger said. “We also need to find out what the status of the position is from the civil service point of view. We will be having a meeting to flush this issue out.”

Goldberger said both he and the council will gather their materials and have a separate meeting on the transit issue; that meeting has yet to be scheduled.