Department of Social Services not social

Gloversville is the welfare capital of New York with people using the generosity of the taxpayer. They get free food, housing and medical treatment.

I retired five years ago with only Social Security and no pension. I get $700 per month and also a very small disability of $200 per month. Last year, I went blind, needing eye surgery. No one can apply for disability after 65 years old.

The Department of Social Services, with their fat government salaries and hurtful, uncaring employees, reduced my food stamps to $25 a month. Social Services is not social. It has many uncaring and uninformed workers. There is no service at all with the hurry-up and sit-for-hours game. They have unfair hearings with two government workers to misuse anyone they dislike.

I am 70 years old. I have paid taxes in New York for 38 years. Now I have to live without food. Senior nutrition is starvation.

Our country can waste money on many things that are unnecessary, such as wars. It is sad people have to beg for a kernel of rice or a grain of salt.