Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To an art district. The opening of The Drawing Board in downtown Gloversville gives a clear indication downtown is another step closer to becoming a true art district. Co-owners Brian Benton and Robert Morey started the business after walking into the Micropolis gallery in the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market last summer. This inspired them to do an art endeavor of their own. These great galleries, in addition to shops such as Antiques & Uniques, Terry’s Antiques and others, are fantastic. Take the time to visit each and every one of them. Local artist Linda Hinkle said, “The more diversity we have, the better it will be.” It is getting better.

JEERS – To a perception. If you never attended a meeting of the former Montgomery County Board of Supervisors, you probably wouldn’t notice the new county legislators are meeting in a renovated room. While we are excited and optimistic about the change of government, we can’t understand why it was necessary to refurbish this room. The work was done during December before the new legislators and county executive took office. The county’s financial complexion is not all that rosy, and this may seem petty, but was the renovation really necessary? Whose idea was it, in redesigning the room, to place the county executive on the other side of the rail from the legislators? This perception doesn’t send the right message. The people of Montgomery County eagerly are awaiting a proactive government. To accomplish this, all barriers need to be removed.

JEERS – To not getting the message. There has been a lot of discussion this week after a 16-year-old Gloversville High School student was arrested for allegedly threatening – via Twitter – to “shoot up” the school because he didn’t like the music being played over the school loudspeaker. He was arrested and may face discipline by the school. Such threats today cannot be taken lightly. Teens always have vented their displeasure about each other, their school, their parents and the world, but the world has changed. Adults need to give strong guidance to young people today. Remarks made on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media through smartphones and computers are not private. Youths need to be reminded of this often, and they need to be extra careful about what they post.