Let this be the year you find the Lord

If you are relentlessly seeking and always finding that which you obtain only leads you to feelings of emptiness, failure and despair – maybe, just maybe, it is the Lord calling you to seek and find in him your way to an eternal peace that surpasses all understanding and quenches the deepest desire of your soul.

Receive a new life: his life, which he desires to give to you. Receive a new way of seeing the world around you through his eyes. Receive a new heart – his heart to love those around you with.

It’s a new year. I encourage you, if your heart is heavy and you are seeking and continuously coming up short; fall to your knees, let go and confess your sin of looking everywhere else but to him to quench the thirst he placed within you. Lay hold of the forgiveness he offers that leads to freedom to live the life he has sacrificed for you.

Let this year be the year that is more than a happy new year. In Christ’s name, I pray that it will be the year that begins your relationship with the one who will fill your heart with newness and infuse you with an everlasting hope, joy and peace while being surrounded by the shortcomings of this world.