Regulating district set to pay taxes to county

The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District is close to paying off the taxes it owes Fulton County, Executive Director Michael Clark said.

Clark said the district will pay $890,000 to Fulton County in the next several weeks.

The amount is part of a payment plan for back taxes owed to Fulton County from 2009 to 2012.

The regulating district owed $1.6 million and last year paid half of the amount.

Clark said the district soon will make a payment of $890,000, along with this year’s taxes, to the county.

Last year, Clark said, the district paid its 2013 taxes along with $890,000 in back taxes as part of the payment agreement with the county.

Clark said the money comes out of the district’s budget, which now includes money from an agreement with Hudson River counties.

In February 2013, an agreement was reached between the regulating district and Albany, Rensselaer, Warren and Washington counties for $3.5 million.

“That is all said and done,” Clark said.

The $3.5 million and annual fees are divided among the counties. Albany County pays just under 38 percent; Saratoga County pays just over 29 percent; Rensselaer County pays just over 22 percent; Warren County pays just under 7 percent, and Washington County pays just under 4 percent.

The district sought payment from those counties after a 2008 court order said the district no longer could charge downstream hydropower companies.

The district also is getting $1 million from New York state, $425,000 from Great Sacandaga Lake permit fee payments and $1.1 million from the Conklingville Hydroelectric Dam.

Clark said the down-river counties are paying their current assessments as well.

Fulton County Treasurer Terry Blodgett said the county expects the district to pay more than $647,000 this year in current taxes.

Fulton County Clerk of the Board Jon Stead said the county tax revenue will go into the county’s fund balance.

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