Ruling a small victory for gun owners

A small victory for citizens and the Second Amendment was recently won when a Federal Judge reversed a section of the N.Y. SAFE Act.

Citizens can now legally load 10 rounds of ammunition rather than the seven, a number Gov. Andrew Cuomo picked out of the air and set into law.

This is one small victory; we need to stand united and repeal the registration and ban on modern sporting guns next. The government decided that the modern sporting rifle is too dangerous for law-abiding citizens to own. The government incorrectly calls them assault rifles; that is incorrect as they cannot and do not fire in full-automatic mode like military rifles. The modern sporting rifle is no different than many other hunting rifles, and operates exactly the same way, oftentimes using many of the same parts. The government would incorrectly have you believe that they are somehow more dangerous than any other gun; it is not. It can’t spray bullets; it does not carry more rounds than other guns, that is controlled by the size of the magazine.

In New York, we are only allowed to own 10-round magazines and it’s been that way since 1994. We are told that because this type of gun is used by the military, it has no use by ordinary citizens. Well if we follow that logic then we should ban shotguns, bolt-action rifles and semi-auto handguns as they are all standard issue to U.S. military units.