Transit deal needs support

The Gloversville Transit System could be an asset for all of Fulton County.

However, for that to be the case, the transit service needs to at least run through the Glove Cities.

For more than three years, that has not happened. The bus service, which in 2010 offered 13 routes on weekdays, ran in a loop that connected residents of both cities with senior housing developments, downtown Johnstown and Gloversville, the Johnstown Mall, Arterial Plaza, and Hannaford and the former Walmart in the town of Johnstown.

Gloversville’s Common Council voted to discontinue service to Johnstown after Johnstown officials declined to increase the city’s contribution for the service. Johnstown had been paying $38,100 per year to subsidize the service.

Now, the mayors of both cities are talking about possibly renewing the bus runs.

Given the potential cost to Johnstown, we hope people make new Johnstown Mayor Michael Julius aware if they want the service. Julius already told The Leader-Herald he has spoken to Johnstown residents who want to see extensive GTS bus runs through the city renewed.

Given that Julius and Gloversville Mayor Dayton King are talking about possibly renewing the Johnstown routes, residents of both cities should give their opinions on the matter.

We think a new deal could be a boost for the area, not just the transit?system. However, it’s important for residents to say whether they support the runs. A plan supported by a minority probably wouldn’t last long and would be a waste of money.

Also, if Gloversville will seek more money from Johnstown for the service in the future, officials should give Johnstown an idea of how much they will want.