Register vote on merger

On Tuesday, voters in the Mayfield and Northville school districts will decide whether they want to go ahead with a proposed merger.

This will be another chance for voters in the districts to have their say on the merger.

Mayfield residents approved the merger proposal during a public vote in September 2012, but Northville residents voted against it.

In June 2013, however, residents in Northville voted 307-199 in a straw poll to allow a proposal to merge with the Mayfield school district to move forward.

The proposal has generated strong emotions. There are concerns about the effect on taxes, budgets, education and the possible loss of identity for the municipalities the districts currently serve.

In September 2012, this newspaper supported the proposed merger. We haven’t changed our opinion.

A merger likely would eliminate the possibility of severe budget cuts and preserve some programs that otherwise may be dropped. The new district would receive significant state incentive aid and would have more financial stability than the two individual districts have now. Students likely would have more extracurricular opportunities and access to more resources.

Whichever way voters in the district choose to vote, we encourage them to make sure they are informed. The study – which can be found on the websites of both school districts – on the proposed merger provides an idea as to what the combined district could look like.

However, the main thing we hope to see is a strong turnout at the polls.

This is a momentous occasion for both districts. The effects of the vote will be with the districts – or new district – for years to come. Everyone eligible to vote should register his or her opinion on the matter.