Help appreciated after going off road

I would like to thank the people who helped me out on a recent morning when I slid into a ditch while driving.

Even snow tires were no match for clipping the snow outside of the tire tracks on the pavement. I fishtailed for the longest time before finally finding myself unable to correct the vehicle and completely losing control, careening into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. I was extremely lucky nobody was in the oncoming lane when it happened.

The guy behind me was nice enough to pull over to see if I was okay, and made sure I had a person to contact to pull me out before he headed back on his way. I called up Phlan Hart, who is an amazing guy, and he was there within minutes, accompanied by two state troopers. The three of them did a phenomenal job at lifting the mood with good natured jokes, which always helps to settle the nerves in a situation like that. He had me hooked up, pulled out, and on my way not long after. These are the kinds of people who help keep society running safely, smoothly and more enjoyably for everyone out there.