Get issues solved now

The Gloversville Common Council is having a hard time putting the residency issue regarding the head of the Transit System in its rear-view mirror.

While this may take some time, the council should try to settle the residency requirements – and official job titles – of the city’s department heads for the foreseeable future.

On?Wednesday, the council declined to officially reappoint William Walrath to his position as transit director. While Mayor Dayton King said Walrath will continue to serve as the head of transit, the move showed the council is still not satisfied with the answer it received from the city labor attorney about the residency requirement for Walrath’s job.

A city resident in November told officials Walrath, a Northville resident, is holding a department head position without being a resident of the city, which the resident said appeared to violate state and local law.

While the city labor attorney later said Walrath will be able to remain in his position as long as he lives in Fulton County, some members of the council apparently were not satisfied with his explanation. There also appears to be some confusion over the official title of Walrath’s position and how that affects the residency requirement.

Council members have said they may look to change the charter to provide clarity on the residency issue.

While the council is taking a look at this issue, we urge it also to make sure the residency requirements and job titles for other city department heads are clear.

Over time, documents such as the city charter can be changed and, especially when combined with changes in state law, can become confusing.

It’s worth the council’s time to look into the matter now to save city residents a bigger headache in the future.