Christ can help people overcome pride

Hupernikao is the Greek word for conqueror. We all need to conquer something in life, to be overcomers of:

1.) A disability.

2.) A bad habit.

3.) A fetish.

4.) A learning impairment.

5.) A sin.

What sins do you need to be a conqueror of: drugs? Alcoholism? Lust? Coveting?

By the power of the third person of the God head, we are enabled to do so; the spirit of truth or the Holy Spirit, our consoler, comforter and guide. Pride is the root of all sin and is a preventative to entering heaven if we have not come to Christ Jesus in faith. Christ is our only hope as Matthew 4:16 conveys: The people who sat in darkness have seen great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, light (who is Jesus) has dawned.

What are the characteristics of pride?

1.) Pride is sin. Humility exalts. Pride humbles us.

2.) Pride rejects constructive criticism. We cannot admit we are sinners. We cannot admit our need to be redeemed, forgiven, reconciled, justified, sanctified and glorified.

3.) Pride manifests itself in unrighteous anger. We vent our frustrations immaturely.

4.) Pride reveals our insecurity. We can often assume an air of superiority over others when we are really insecure.

5.) Pride results in an inflated ego. The great equalizer is death since we all will die and give an account of our lives to God.

6.) Pride prevents us from admitting we are sinners needing to be covered by the blood from the cross.

7.) Pride belittles other people. A proud person is not satisfied unless he or she takes “someone down a peg.”

So what is the cure for pride?

Step 1: Admit you are a sinner by nature.

Step 2: Ask the Lord for forgiveness of all your sins.

Step 3: Surrender your life to Christ. Say “Christ Jesus, here is my life.”

Step 4: Invite Christ Jesus into your heart by faith – verbally.

Step 5: Believe that when Christ went to the cross to shed his blood for you, he was resurrected from the grave three days later.

In summation, you can go from sinner to saint by committing personally your life to Christ Jesus.

Remember, always, grace is not a license to sin.