Mayfield to get federal money to repair roads

MAYFIELD – Town Highway Superintendent Melvin Dopp said the town will get roughly $200,000 in federal money in the coming months to pay for repairs to town roads damaged during Hurricane Irene.

According to Dopp, the town, after discussions with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will receive more than $200,000 for repairs the town was forced to do on Beach Street.

According to Dopp, 475 feet of road needed to be repaired after the road bank was washed away.

Dopp said Beach Street’s problems began after rainfall related to Hurricane Irene in 2011.

“We had that torrential rain from the tropical storms and the run-off had loosened the soil,” Dopp said.

Dopp said the road repair was completed within four months.

Previously, Dopp said, FEMA aid to Fulton County was denied.

Dopp said he had to fill out a lot of paperwork and had many meetings with representatives of FEMA to get the money.

“I did put a lot of hard work into this,” Dopp said.

Town Supervisor Richard Argotsinger said the Town Board still has to decide how the money will be used.

Argotsinger said Beach Street was not a major town road, but the damage was a major inconvenience.

“It [still] is an important town highway,” Argotsinger said.

Argotsinger said if the road had not been repaired before the school year, buses would have been forced to take a detour that would have added 12 to 15 miles to their routes.

“Fortunately, we had it repaired before school started,” Argotsinger said.

Argotsinger said banks of the road have been stabilized since the flooding.

“Hopefully, we will never have that situation again,” he said.

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