Johnstown district adopts goals

JOHNSTOWN – The Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education recently adopted six main goals for the district to follow in the next two school years.

The board established the new set of goals during a meeting at Johnstown High School.

District Superintendent Robert DeLilli noted the district tried to maintain some of the core goals that came out of previous workshops. He said main goals were set, followed by “priority” standards.

“I think it’s nice we’ve maintained the integrity of the previous goals,” said board President Paul VanDenburgh.

The resolution approved by the board set the goals until June 30, 2015. It indicated the goals are a “statement of the vision and priorities” of the board and they continue to be beneficial as “guidance for students, staff and community members.”

Adopted were the following goals:

Empower all students to reach and exceed their potential in all aspects of their development. Priority: Improve instruction and achievement for all Greater Johnstown School District students.

Empower all faculty and staff to reach and exceed their potential in all aspects of their development. Priority: Provide high quality professional development for faculty and staff.

Establish a climate of transparency and openness that encourages communication among all district stakeholders. Priority: Increase parent, staff and student engagement in our school community.

Research and implement non-traditional avenues to expand or enhance academic opportunities for students that are cost-effective and academically valuable. Priority: Increase opportunities for student engagement, use of technology and continuing partnerships with community businesses and colleges.

The board acknowledges and supports student participation in extracurricular and co-curricular activities as a positive influence upon student well-being and learning. Priority: Provide a well-rounded curriculum that preserves and/or enhances visual and performing arts, foreign language, business, technology, enrichment, extracurricular and athletic programs within the fiscal restraints of the district.

Explore possible ways to increase overall district fiscal stability, instructional effectiveness and operational efficiency. Priority: Budget not to exceed a 2 percent tax cap and maintaining a 4 percent reserve of budget.

The board in late 2011 worked during three public participation workshops to devise the previous set of five similar district goals. Jennie Kerwood and Michele Kelley of Capital Region BOCES Communications Service volunteered their time to work with the district.

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