Local police helped make holidays safer

Too often we are quick to judge and slow to commend the people who make a difference in society. I cannot commend the Gloversville Police Department enough for the professionalism and values those individuals stand by.

Somehow, a person had gotten a hold of my debit card and ordered over $3,100 in merchandise online, making the Christmas season difficult for me. I contacted the store, which offered to help, but not until the damage was done. They explained that because I had not originated the order, they could not provide any information on who had used my debit card or where the item was due to be delivered. Now I am paying for items I did not order, being delivered to someone I do not know, hundreds of miles away, and they are telling me that I am not entitled to any information? They offered no assistance other than providing me with a case number. This leads me to believe this large chain store got paid for the purchase of the item and responsibility for the illegal transaction was then forced upon the financial institution’s fraud protection to refund the stolen amount to the customer. No wonder they would not assist me.

I contacted the Gloversville Police Department and spoke with Officer Silva. He immediately started an investigation into the theft, was able to identify the location of the delivery and notify local authorities. It is obvious from the 1.5 hour time frame, from the report time to the attempted apprehension of the suspect, that Officer Silva had done his job well. I later contacted the store, who confirmed local authorities had gotten into a chase with a suspect, who attempted to pick up the item in question and fled. Silva, a new member of the department, handled himself professionally and got the job done. My hat goes off to Silva and all members of the department for their dedication and tireless effort. Police Chief Donald VanDeusen has a right to be proud of his department. Remember that during the holidays, while the citizens of this community are with their families, we can rest assured the oath you swore to uphold is deep-seated and we are safe, just as long as you are there.

Now I can go back to arguing with the store about refunding my money so I can go on with my holidays.

TRACY T. GREEN Owner, L.T.’s Enterprises

Retired Gloversville police officer