FFCS players named Class C all-stars

Several Fonda-Fultonville football players were among those selected to the Section II Class C all-star team.

Quarterback Russ Williams was named to the South Division first-team offense for the Braves, along with running backs Pat Hart and Anthony Sinicropi, and wide receiver Brandon Baker.

Also named to the first-team offense for FFCS, which went 7-2 overall and lost in the Class C semifinals to eventual champion Hoosick Falls, were offensive linemen Mitch Hayes and Matt Georgia.

On the defensive side, lineman Will Turner, linebackers Zak Shaw and Zach Nizet, and defensive back Cameron Ives were named to the South Division first team.

Chatham, which won the South Division title, swept the top three awards in the division. Quarterback Tyler Van Brunt was named Most Valuable Player, while Tyler Rivera and Pete Palleschi were named Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP, respectively.

Chatham also had running back Troy Pierce and offensive lineman Danny Kneller named to the first-team offense, while defensive lineman Steve Munson, linebacker Scott Roney, defensive back Kody Skype, linebacker Al Kelly, defensive lineman Matt Schaefer and defensive back Caleb Gregg were named to the first-team defense.

Rounding out the first-team offense were running back Paul Gordon (Watervliet), wide receivers Slater Nolan (Voorheesville) and Logan Miller (Watervliet), tight end Tyler Smith (Watervliet), and offensive linemen Mike Normile (Watervliet) and J.T. Koonz (Coxsackie-Athens).

In addition to the selections from FFCS and Chatham, the first-team defense included defensive linemen Alex Minnick (Voorheesville) and Tyler Cardinale (Coxsackie-Athens), linebackers Scott Roney (Voorheesville) and Ben Palmateer (Coxsackie-Athens), and Jake Lindsay (Watervliet).

In addition to its first-team selections, Fonda-Fultonville also had four other players earn second-team South Division honors.

Offensive lineman Jack Derby was named to the second-team offense, while defensive lineman Stephen Dunbar, defensive back Ryan Scofield and defensive lineman Anthony Brand were named to the second-team defense.

Watervliet had quarterback Tyler Dockstader, wide receivers C.J. Gaudette and Tyler Touzin and offensive lineman Jeremy Haseltine named to the second-team offense.

Also named to the second-team offense were running backs P.J. Neal (Coxsackie-Athens), Mickey Knight (Voorheesville) and James Squier (Coxsackie-Athens), tight end Anthony Cicaiza (Taconic Hills), and offensive linemen Jack Davis (Chatham), Andrew Halse (Coxsackie-Athens) and George Fielder (Chatham).

The South Division second-team defense was rounded out by defensive linemen Jadyn Couette (Coxsackie-Athens), John Lamarche (Watervliet) and Justin Lee (Voorheesville), linebackers Kyle Gaudette (Watervliet), Scott Dennis (Watervliet), Austin Knapp (Chatham) and Andrew Waldbiling (Voorheesville), and defensive back Zach Girvin (Coxsackie-Athens).

North Division

Hoosick Falls, which won the North Division and Section II Class C titles, took home several honors in the Class C North Division.

The Panthers’ Levi Brewster was named Player of the Year, while Derek Bird was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Hoosick Falls quarterback was named to the North Division first-team offense along with running back Brandon Hodges, wide receivers Thomas Peabody, Austin Pitt and Colby Davendonis, kicker Damon Dubois, and offensive lineman Jake Bakaitis.

Granville’s Evan Hoagland and Ronnie Taylor were named Offensive Player of the Year and Ironman of the Year, re-

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spectively. Hoagland also was named to the first-team defense as a defensive back, while Taylor was named to the second team as a defensive back.

Also named to the first-team offense in the North Division were running backs Hunter Lape (Stillwater) and Chase Delossantos (Mechanicville), wide receivers Anthony Abare (Corinth) and Jacob Halterman (Granville), offensive linemen Steven Lajeunesse (Tamarac), Bobby Morris (Stillwater), Dylan Posporelis (Stillwater), Dan Benoit (Stillwater) and Dan Robens (Mechanicville), and kicker Jacob Gericke (Granville).

In addition to its offensive selections, Hoosick Falls had linebackers Mike Mattat, Mark Hackett and David Hardesty, and defensive back Troy Constantino named to the first-team defense.

Also named to the first-team defense were defensive linemen Bobby Millis (Corinth), Bailey Pratt (Granville), Jake Williams (Granville) and Brennan Flemming (Mechanicville), linebackers Brandon Rozowicz (Stillwater) and Chris Kawola (Mechanicville), defensive back Donovan Mysliwiec (Mechanicville) and punter Dean Gazzeli (Stillwater).

The second-team offense featured quarterbacks Chantaz Baudoux (Corinth), Jacob Young (Granville) and Dan Motzer (Tamarac), running backs Alex Jenkins (Corinth), Brandon Rozowicz (Stillwater) and David Bornt (Tamarac), wide receivers Connor McCart (Hoosick Falls) and Noah Harpe (Mechanicville), and offensive linemen Bailey Pratt (Granville), Jake Williams (Granville), Bobby Millis (Corinth), Charles Hodge (Hoosick Falls), Brennan Flemming (Mechanicville), Jayme Benoit (Stillwater) and Ryan McCleave (Stillwater).

The North Division second-team defense included defensive linemen Brandon Severance (Granville), Zen Baudoux (Corinth) and Dan Hayner (Mechanicville), linebackers Noah Morgan (Corinth), Tyler McCarty (Corinth) and Will Miller (Stillwater), and defensive back Tyler Reyome (Stillwater).

2013 Section II Class C Football All-Stars

South Division

MVP: Tyler VanBrunt (Chatham)

Offensive MVP: Tyler Rivera (Chatham)

Defensive MVP: Pete Palleschi (Chatham)

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Russ Williams (Fonda-Fultonville)

Running Back: Pat Hart (Fonda-Fultonville), Troy Pierce (Chatham), Paul Gordon (Watervliet), Anthony Sinicropi (Fonda-Fultonville)

Wide Receiver: Slater Nolan (Voorheesville), Brandon Baker (Fonda-Fultonville), Logan Miller (Watervliet)

Tight End: Tyler Smith (Watervliet)

Offensive Line: Danny Kneller (Chatham), Mitch Hayes (Fonda-Fultonville), Matt Georgia (Fonda-Fultonville), Mike Normile (Watervliet), J.T. Koonz (Coxsackie-Athens)

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Taylor Dockstader (Watervliet)

Running Back: P.J. Neal (Coxsackie-Athens), Mickey Knight (Voorheesville), James Squier (Coxsackie-Athens)

Wide Receiver: C.J. Gaudette (Watervliet), Tyler Touzin (Watervliet)

Tight End: Anthony Cicaiza (Taconic Hills)

Offensive Line: Jack Davis (Chatham), Jack Derby (Fonda-Fultonville), Andrew Halse (Coxsackie-Athens), George Fielder (Chatham), Jeremy Haseltine (Watervliet)

First Team Defense

Defensive Line: Alex Minnick (Voorheesville), Tyler Cardinale (Coxsackie-Athens), Will Turner (Fonda-Fultonville), Steve Munson (Chatham), Matt Schaefer (Chatham)

Linebacker: Scott Roney (Voorheesville), Zak Shaw (Fonda-Fultonville), Zach Nizet (Fonda-Fultonville), Al Kelly (Chatham), Ben Palmateer (Coxsackie-Athens)

Defensive Back: Caleb Gregg (Chatham), Kody Skype (Chatham), Cameron Ives (Fonda-Fultonville), Jake Lindsay (Watervliet)

Second Team Defense

Defensive Line: Jadyn Couette (Coxsackie-Athens), John Lamarche (Watervliet), Justin Lee (Voorheesville), Stephen Dunbar (Fonda-Fultonville), Anthony Brand (Fonda-Fultonville)

Linebacker: Kyle Gaudette (Watervliet), Scott Dennis (Watervliet), Austin Knapp (Chatham), Andrew Waldbiling (Voorheesville)

Defensive Back: Zach Girvin (Coxsackie-Athens), Ryan Scofield (Fonda-Fultonville)

North Division

Player of the Year: Levi Brewster (Hoosick Falls)

Offensive Player of the Year: Evan Hoagland (Granville)

Defensive Player of the Year: Derek Bird (Hoosick Falls)

Ironman of the Year: Ronnie Taylor (Granville)

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Garrett Wright (Hoosick Falls)

Running Back: Hunter Lape (Stillwater), Chase Delossantos (Mechanicville), Brandon Hodges (Hoosick Falls)

Wide Receiver: Anthony Abare (Corinth), Jacob Halterman (Granville), Thomas Peabody (Hoosick Falls), Austin Pitt (Hoosick Falls), Colby Davendonis (Hoosick Falls)

Offensive Line: Jake Bakaitis (Hoosick Falls), Steven Lajeunesse (Tamarac), Bobby Morris (Stillwater), Dylan Posporelis (Stillwater), Dan Benoit (Stillwater), Dan Robens (Mechanicville)

Kicker: Damon Dubois (Hoosick Falls), Jacob Gericke (Granville)

First Team Defense

Defensive Line: Bobby Millis (Corinth), Bailey Pratt (Granville), Jake Williams (Granville), Brennan Flemming (Mechanicville)

Linebacker: Mike Mattat (Hoosick Falls), Mark Hackett (Hoosick Falls), David Hardesty (Hoosick Falls), Brandon Rozowicz (Stillwater), Chris Kawola (Mechanicville)

Defensive Back: Evan Hoagland (Granville), Troy Constantino (Hoosick Falls), Donovan Mysliwiec (Mechanicville)

Punter: Dean Gazzeli (Stillwater)

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Chantaz Baudoux (Corinth), Jacob Young (Granville), Dan Motzer (Tamarac)

Running Back: Alex Jenkins (Corinth), Brandon Rozowicz (Stillwater), David Bornt (Tamarac)

Wide Receiver: Connor McCart (Hoosick Falls), Noah Harpe (Mechanicville)

Offensive Line: Bailey Pratt (Granville), Jake Williams (Granville), Bobby Millis (Corinth), Charles Hodge (Hoosick Falls), Brennan Flemming (Mechanicville), Jayme Benoit (Stillwater), Ryan McCleave (Stillwater)

Second Team Defense

Defensive Line: Brandon Severance (Granville), Zen Baudoux (Corinth), Dan Hayner (Mechanicville)

Linebacker: Noah Morgan (Corinth), Tyler McCarty (Corinth), Will Miller (Stillwater)

Defensive Back: Ronnie Taylor (Granville), Tyler Reyome (Stillwater)