Merger vote about more than education

I am writing this letter to discuss an aspect of the proposed merger of the Mayfield and Northville school districts that goes deeper than the educational benefits that students of both communities would receive. Whether people know it or not, the school is not the only issue being voted on. The effects of the Jan. 7 vote will be felt in other areas throughout Northville’s future.

If the merger does not pass, the Northville Central?School?District may face financial difficulties that could result in insolvency. As a result of bankruptcy, Northville’s school district could close. I would like the residents of Northville to seriously think about the effects on our town if our school is forced to close.

NCS is one of the biggest employers in our village and directly fuels our economy in many ways. The closure of our school will result in a vast number of our residents losing their jobs. With no jobs, people will likely be forced to move, further reducing our tax base. It is not likely that the exodus of residents will be replaced with new families. No one will move into a community that doesn’t have a decent school district. As a result, value of our real estate will plummet.

Without the students and families, we will not have the people to support the business community that we are fortunate to have. The many restaurants and businesses that we have on Main and Bridge streets will take a direct hit and replace their open signs with for-sale signs. Consider whether or not Rite Aid will remain open in our community as a result of NCS closing. I think not.

In summation, I would like to reinforce the fact the merger vote is more than a vote for our children’s education; it is a vote that will have direct effects on the future of our town. The village of Northville has developed into a beautiful community, and support of the school merger is not only support for our students, but support for the survival and continued progress of the community that we know and love.