Why turn in legal activity?

On Oct. 3, someone registered a “complaint” with the New York State Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Enforcement Bureau stating the Morris J. Edwards American Legion Post 168 was holding a “pitch tournament” with an entry fee every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

My question has to be why? Why would anyone want to turn in a bunch of legal age men and women for wanting to get together once a week and enjoy themselves by playing cards?

To set this person straight, the American Legion does not “hold” these weekly card games. The legion has nothing to do with these people playing cards. The legion merely allows them to use their facility to enjoy themselves once a week. The legion doesn’t sponsor, support or make a red cent from this activity. In fact, it costs the legion money – in the form of light and heat – while they play.

Again, my question is why? Why would anyone want to take away the enjoyment these card players get one night a week?

I ask this individual to come forward and explain why? Why would you do such a thing? Their actions have not only put an end to these card players’ enjoyment, (although hopefully only temporarily), it also has put the beer license of the Legion Post in jeopardy.

I look forward to hearing from this selfish individual.


Legion member and card player

St. Johnsville