God bless trooper who gave life for us

We have all lost a hero last week week – New York state trooper David.?W. Cunniff. Troopers, and all law-enforcement officers, assume a risk, but they train, train and train – and have the ability to maintain control of a situation unfolding in front of them. These men and women, every one of them, help maintain the quality of life we all enjoy. Sure, the occasional speeding ticket ticks us off, but at the end of the day, we and the officers get to go home to our families, God willing.

But last week on the Thruway, that all changed for Amy (his wife) and Caleb and Zachary (his sons). It was reported this brave man, who was scheduled off for vacation, came in anyway because we (the public) needed him.

Any loss is hard on a lot of people, but this man gave his life for all of us, and not to a foe in front of him, but to a moment’s inattention behind him.

God bless you, Trooper Cunniff, and God bless his family while they endured his final salute.