We are blessed in many ways

Even though many of us are running around making last-minute preparations for Christmas, today is a good day to recognize our many blessings.

Sometimes the challenges of everyday life – paying the bills, coping with taxes, repairing that leaky faucet and getting the kids to after-school practice on time – seem overwhelming. When we overcome them, as we almost always do, our mental, emotional and physical fatigue often mixes with feelings of personal achievement.

And sometimes, we just feel overwhelmed. We wonder what on earth there is for us to be grateful about.

But most of us truly are blessed. We have enough to eat. We have roofs over our heads. We have clothing to keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If we get sick, regardless of our incomes, health care professionals will help us. As Americans, we still enjoy liberty and prosperity that is the envy of those in most of the rest of the world.

Especially here in Fulton, Montgomery and Hamilton counties, we are surrounded by compassionate neighbors eager to help us if we need a hand.

And we have our precious, beautiful families.

All Americans are not so blessed, it is true. Some are in very real need. That’s why it’s important to share our good fortune with the less fortunate and support the many charities looking for help this time of year.

Tonight, whether you are at church praising the Christmas holiday, stuck at work, out at the store or warm at home with your family, consider taking time to count your blessings. May your holidays be safe and happy.