Speed limit near FMCC reduced

JOHNSTOWN – The speeding issue that has been a regular problem for those driving near Fulton-Montgomery Community College along Bendick Corners Road was resolved last week when new signs were posted changing the speed limit, President Dustin Swanger told the Board of Trustees on Thursday night.

He said the speed limit has been reduced from 55 mph to 45 mph from the intersection with Route 67 to about 400 feet past the Campus View Student Housing complex on Bendick Corners Road.

“For years people have been flying down that road, which has really caused a safety hazard,” Swanger told the board. “Signs were posted this week that change that area to 45 mph so I expect things will improve.”

He said the college has been lobbying for the change for a while.

Trustee Member and Director of Montgomery County’s Business Development Center Kenneth Rose told Swanger when discussions start with the Department of Transportation regarding the development of the Global Village, he should look to have the speed limit also lowered in that stretch of Route 67 because more traffic is expected to come to the campus.

Swanger said he definitely would have those conversations with DOT but he is unsure how willing they would be to change that roadway, because when the Hamilton-Fulton-Montgomery Board of Cooperative Educational Services had its campus constructed it asked for that to happen, but DOT wasn’t willing to make the change.

HFM BOCES Superintendent Patrick Michel agreed that with more development and the number of inexperienced drivers who frequent the two campuses and eventually the college town, a speed change should occur for the safety of the public.

“I think with the suggested development they should slow things down,” Michel said. “We have a lot of young people that are inexperienced drivers pulling out into traffic like that and it does make me nervous. If people are whipping down that road, at least if they are going a little bit slower we have less of a chance of somebody getting hurt.”

Rose said Friday he would suggest DOT change the speed limit on Route 67, at the end of Albany Bush Road where Sanders Motorsports is located, to just past Sacandaga Road.

Both he and Swanger agreed more development along that stretch of land might entice DOT to change their previous stance on the issue.

“Maybe more development in this area will change their mind,” Swanger said.

State Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Jim Piccola was unavailable to comment on the current or future changes in that area.