Amsterdam takes third at Montgomery County Duals

AMSTERDAM – After losing its first match of the day, host Amsterdam rebounded to win three of its last four matches to place third at the Montgomery County Duals at Amsterdam High School on Saturday.

Fonda-Fultonville also competed, going 0-5 on the day and placing sixth.

Section III power Fulton won the team title, going 5-0 on the day. Middletown went 4-1 to place second, while Galway was fourth with a 2-3 record. Ballston Spa was fifth with a 1-4 mark on the day.

In their first match, the Rams dropped a 46-31 decision to Section IX’s Middletown, which won nine of 15 weight classes.

Erick Rivera (120 pounds), John Rivera (160), Marcus Torres (182) and Dom Santiago won by pinfall for Amsterdam, while Brandon Lapi (152) won by major decision. Brailin Santana added an 8-3 win over Jesus LaValle at 170 pounds for the Rams.

Amsterdam rebounded with a 64-19 win over Fonda-Fultonville in its second match of the day.

Jorge Rivera (106), Adam Tatun (113), Erick Rivera (120) and Lapi (145) won by pin for the Rams, while Mashland Santiago (170) won by major decision.

Evelio Homs (99), Monty Carmona (138), John Rivera (152), Chris Garrison (195) and Joe Kelly (220) all won by forfeit for the Rams.

Jackson Simpson (126) and Thomas TenEyck (132) won by pinfall for FFCS, while Ryan Park added a major decision. The Braves’ Zak Shaw posted a 3-1 win over Torres, scoring a late takedown to win their 182-pound bout.

The Rams posted their second straight win, with a 46-30 victory over Ballston Spa in their third match of the afternoon.

John Rivera (160) and Garrison (195) won by pinfall for Amsterdam, while Torres added a major decision for the Rams.

Erick Rivera posted a 12-9 decision over Galway’s Jake Cook at 120 pounds, while Santana posted an 8-6 decision over the Golden Eagles’ Fred Lohaus.

Homs (99), Jorge Rivera (106), Lapi (145) and Dom Santiago (285) won by forfeit for Amsterdam.

Fulton brought Amsterdam’s two-match win streak with a 53-21 win over the Rams in the fourth round. The Red Raiders won 10 of 15 weight classes on their way to the win.

Lapi (152) and Garrison (195) won by pin for the Rams, while Jorge Rivera (106), Torres (182) and Dom Santiago (285) won by decision. Jorge Rivera topped Fulton’s Roy French 3-2, Torres posted a 2-1 win over Noah Gates, and Dom Santiago notched a 7-4 win over Malachi Manford.

In their final match of the day, the Rams closed out the day on a high note, posting a 47-28 win over Galway.

Amsterdam won nine of 15 weight classes on its way to the victory.

Jorge Rivera (106), Tatun (113), John Rivera (160), Santana (170) and Dom Santiago (285) won by pin for the Rams.

Lapi (152) and Torres (182) won by major decision for Amsterdam, while Nelson Quinones (145) posted a 6-5 decision over Galway’s Nick Webb-Horvath.

Garrison (195) added a forfeit win for Amsterdam (11-3 overall), which will compete in the Mountain Duals at Dolgeville on Friday and Saturday.

Like Amsterdam, Fonda-Fultonville opened its day with a loss in its opener, dropping a 58-18 decision to Ballston Spa.

Park (160) and Shaw (182) won by pin for FFCS, while Clane Newcomer (106) won by forfeit for the Braves.

After losing to Amsterdam 64-19 in its second match, the Braves lost 79-3 to Fulton in their third contest of the day.

Shaw posted the lone win for FFCS, blanking Fulton’s Noah Gates, 4-0, at 182 pounds.

Shaw finished the day 5-0 for the Braves, while Park went 4-1.

The Braves rebounded to win six of 15 matches in a 53-31 loss to Galway in the fourth round.

Kyle Gray (113), Jackson Simpson (126) and Thomas TenEyck (138) won by pin for FFCS, while Shaw (182) won by forfeit. Park added a 13-3 major decision over Galway’s Devin Collins at 160 pounds, and Dom Mancini posted 9-2 win over the Golden Eagles’ John Mulligan at 170 pounds.

In their final contest of the day, FFCS lost 69-9 to Middletown.

Park won by injury default over Middletown’s Christian Matos at 160 pounds, while Shaw notched a 7-1 decision over the Middies’ Paul Green at 182 pounds.

Fonda-Fultonville (4-10 overall) is off until Jan. 4 when it will compete in the Rockwood Tournament at Galway.

Montgomery County Duals

Round 1

Middletown 46, Amsterdam 31

106: Isaiah Gutierrez-Vera (M) major dec. Jorge Rivera, 12-2.

113: Pedro Rosales (M) pinned Adam Tatun, 1:37.

120: Erick Rivera (A) pinned Matthew Calderin, 4:34.

126: Parker Christner (M) pinned Scott Moore, 4:38.

132: Ismael Valentin (M) pinned Luis Quinones, 3:35.

138: Tyler Rodriguez (M) pinned Monty Carmona, 1:05.

145: Alec Battle-Saunders (M) dec. Brian Swank, 6-4.

152: Brandon Lapi (A) major dec. Johnny Grandson, 14-3.

160: John Rivera (A) pinned Christian Matos, 2:29.

170: Brailin Santana (A) dec. Jesus DelValle, 8-3.

182: Marcus Torres (A) pinned Paul Green, 1:51.

195: Juan Velazquez (M) pinned Chris Garrison, 4:50.

220: Joe Humphrey (M) dec. Joe Kelly, 15-11.

285: Dom Santiago (A) pinned Anthony Conde, 1:02.

99: Oscar Lainez (M) pinned Evelio Homs, 0:23.

Ballston Spa 58, Fonda-Fultonville 18

106: Clane Newcomer (FFCS) won by forfeit

113: Chris Northrop (BS) pinned Kyle Gray, 2:20.

120: Jake Cook (BS) dec. Kelsey Gray, 9-4.

126: Brandon Kniskern (BS) pinned Jackson Simpson, 0:56.

132: Enrique Marte (BS) dec. Thomas TenEyck, 13-8.

138: Corey LaQue (BS) won by forfeit

145: Tyler Barnes (BS) pinned Zachary Phillips, 1:30.

152: Eric Howe (BS) won by forfeit

160: Ryan Park (FFCS) pinned William Mather, 2:30.

170: Fred Lohaus (BS) major dec. Caleb TenEyck, 11-0.

182: Zak Shaw (FFCS) pinned James Overocker, 0:35.

195: Garreck Golish (BS) won by forfeit

220: Jake Lohaus (BS) won by forfeit

285: Tyler LaQue (BS) pinned Nathan Rose, 1:25.

99: Double forfeit.

Round 2

Amsterdam 64, Fonda-Fultonville 19

113: Adam Tatun (A) pinned Kyle Gray, 3:03.

120: Erick Rivera (A) pinned Kelsey Gray, 3:08.

126: Jackson Simpson (FFCS) pinned Luis Quinones, 3:03.

132: Thomas Teneyck (FFCS) pinned Scott Moore, 3:30.

138: Monty Carmona (A) won by forfeit

145: Brandon Lapi (A) pinned Zachary Phillips, 0:52.

152: John Rivera (A) won by forfeit

160: Ryan Park (FFCS) major dec. Brailin Santana, 13-4.

170: Mashland Santiago (A) major dec. Caleb TenEyck, 13-3.

182: Zak Shaw (FFCS) dec. Marcus Torres, 3-1.

195: Chris Garrison (A) won by forfeit

220: Joe Kelly (A) won by forfeit

285: Dom Santiago (A) pinned Nathan Rose, 0:36.

99: Evelio Homs (A) won by forfeit

106: Jorge Rivera (A) pinned Clane Newcomer, 1:23.

Round 3

Amsterdam 46, Ballston Spa 30

120: Erick Rivera (A) dec. Jake Cook, 12-9.

126: Brandon Kniskern (BS) dec. Scott Moore, 5-1.

132: Enrique Marte (BS) pinned Luis Quinones, 0:50.

138: Corey LaQue (BS) pinned Monty Carmona, 1:24.

145: Brandon Lapi (A) won by forfeit

152: Tyler Barnes (BS) pinned Nelson Quinones, 3:55.

160: John Rivera (A) pinned Eric Howe, 1:05.

170: Brailin Santana (A) dec. Fred Lohaus, 8-6.

182: Marcus Torres (A) major dec. James Overocker, 11-3.

195: Chris Garrison (A) pinned Garreck Golish, 3:53.

220: Jake Lohaus (BS) dec. Joe Kelly, 9-5.

285: Dom Santiago (A) won by forfeit

99: Evelio Homs (A) won by forfeit

106: Jorge Rivera (A) won by forfeit

113: Chris Northrop (BS) won by forfeit

Fulton 79, Fonda-Fultonville 3

120: Mitchell Woodworth (FUL) pinned Kelsey Gray, 1:14.

126: Mitchell LaBeef (FUL) pinned Jackson Simpson, 5:03.

132: Jonathan Earl (FUL) pinned Thomas TenEyck, 3:42.

138: Tim Holden (FUL) won by forfeit

145: Brandon Hill (FUL) pinned Zachary Phillips, 1:10.

152: Jacob Bailey (FUL) won by forfeit

160: Travis Race (FUL) pinned Ryan Park, 2:55.

170: James Bailey (FUL) dec. Dominick Mancini, 9-2.

182: Zak Shaw (FFCS) dec. Noah Gates, 4-0.

195: Dylan Gorman (FUL) won by forfeit

220: Matthew Marshall (FUL) won by forfeit

285: Malachi Manford (FUL) pinned Nathan Rose, 0:32.

99: Nick Noel (FUL) won by forfeit

106: Roy French (FUL) major dec. Clane Newcomer, 14-6.

113: Kevin Tucker (FUL) pinned Kyle Gray, 0:28.

Round 4

Fulton 53, Amsterdam 21

126: Mitchell Labeef (F) pinned Luis Quinones, 1:27.

132: Jonathan Earl (F) pinned Scott Moore, 1:14.

138: Brandon Hill (F) pinned Monty Carmona, 0:47.

145: Tim Holden (F) tech. fall Brian Swank, 3:45 (15-0)

152: Brandon Lapi (A) pinned Jacob Bailey, 1:24.

160: Travis Race (F) pinned Jiovani Orengo, 0:37.

170: James Bailey (F) dec. Brailin Santana, 7-3.

182: Marcus Torres (A) dec. Noah Gates, 2-1.

195: Chris Garrison (A) pinned Dylan Gorman, 2:45.

220: Matthew Marshall (F) dec. Joe Kelly, 6-4.

285: Dom Santiago (A) dec. Malachi Manford, 7-4.

99: Nick Noel (F) pinned Evelio Homs, 1:08.

106: Jorge Rivera (A) dec. Roy French, 3-2.

113: Kevin Tucker (F) won by forfeit

120: Mitchell Woodworth (F) pinned Erick Rivera, 2:45.

Galway 53, Fonda-Fultonville 31

126: Jackson Simpson (FFCS) pinned Jonathan Hoyt, 1:35.

132: Dean Poulin (G) won by forfeit

138: Thomas TenEyck (FFCS) pinned Austin Scheeren, 1:06.

145: Steven Culbert (G) pinned Zachary Phillips, 1:48.

152: Nick Webb-Horvath (G) won by forfeit

160: Ryan Park (FFCS) major dec. Devin Collins, 13-3.

170: Dominick Mancini (FFCS) dec. John Mulligan, 9-2.

182: Zak Shaw (FFCS) won by forfeit

195: Andrew Gilchrist (G) won by forfeit

220: Seth Carter (G) won by forfeit

285: Justin Hardcastle (G) pinned Nathan Rose, 1:10.

99: Justin Dadlow (G) won by forfeit

106: Dillan Palaszewski (G) pinned Clane Newcomer, 1:23.

113: Kyle Gray (FFCS) pinned Jacob Ernst, 3:18.

120: Jordan Sartin (G) tech. fall Kelsey Gray, 6:00 (16-0).

Round 5

Amsterdam 47, Galway 28

132: Dean Poulin (G) pinned Luis Quinones, 1:18.

138: Austin Scheeren (G) pinned Monty Carmona, 1:48.

145: Nelson Quinones (A) dec. Nick Webb-Horvath, 6-5.

152: Brandon Lapi (A) major dec. Steven Culbert, 15-4.

160: John Rivera (A) pinned James Hoegemann, 0:37.

170: Brailin Santana (A) pinned John Mulligan, 3:56.

182: Marcus Torres (A) major dec. Andrew Gilchrist, 14-4.

195: Chris Garrison (A) won by forfeit

220: Seth Carter (G) dec. Joe Kelly, 7-2.

285: Dom Santiago (A) pinned Justin Hardcastle, 0:34.

99: Dillan Palaszewski (G) pinned Evelio Homs, 0:48.

106: Jorge Rivera (A) pinned Justin Dadlow, 0:38.

113: Adam Tatun (A) pinned Jacob Ernst, 0:42.

120: Jordan Sartin (G) major dec. Erick Rivera, 9-0.

126: Jonathan Hoyt (G) dec. Scott Moore, 8-4.

Middletown 69, Fonda-Fultonville 9

132: Tyler Rodriguez (M) pinned Thomas TenEyck, 3:36.

138: Double forfeit

145: Brandon Gonzalez-Patton (M) pinned Zachary Phillips, 1:27.

152: Johnny Grandson (M) won by forfeit

160: Ryan Park (FFCS) def. Christian Matos, inj. default

170: Jesus DelValle (M) pinned Caleb TenEyck, 1:33.

182: Zak Shaw (FFCS) dec. Paul Green, 7-1.

195: Juan Velazquez (M) won by forfeit

220: Joe Humphrey (M) won by forfeit

285: James Coscette (M) pinned Nathan Rose, 0:55.

99: Oscar Lainez (M) fwon by forfeit

106: Isaiah Gutierrez-Vera (M) pinned Clane Newcomer, 3:06.

113: Pedro Rosales (M) pinned Kyle Gray, 0:20.

120: Parker Christner (M) dec. Kelsey Gray, 7-0.

126: Ismael Valentin (M) pinned Jackson Simpson, 0:20.