Local hospital staff great

In this day and age of discontent and complaints, I want to write a positive note about our local hospital, Nathan Littauer.

On Oct. 21, I had a family member admitted in very grave condition. She had been sick for a long time. She was elderly and her illness was chronic and progressive.

From the moment she was assessed in the ER, the nurses and doctors were wonderful. They informed us in a professional and caring manner of her health status and presented our options with probable outcome. They were very sympathetic to us and gave us lots of emotional support.

She was then admitted to Special Care Unit, where, unfortunately, she died three days later (as we expected).

The SCU staff went out of their way to not only provide the best care to our relative but to also provide us, her family, with compassion and support. They informed us of the family room we could go to (between patient visits) to talk and cry, and they kept us well-supplied with coffee, soda and snacks.

They encouraged our questions and input, were never rushing us with decisions and allowed us all the time we needed with our relative.

I cannot say enough good about the entire staff. They are hard-working professionals who are to be commended for performing a very difficult job.

Thank you all for all you do every day.