Merger best option for taxpayers, kids

In reply to a letter to the editor from Mr. Robert Smith, a noted educator, I have taken a statement from his article. He states: “If we want our children to be well prepared, well adjusted, happy and fulfilled, we had better ante up and pay the piper.”

To be frank, one would think the above stated Nobel attributes would already be a part of every school’s mission statement dating back forever, also should (one would think) already be imbedded in every dedicated educator’s heart. Why they are being used as a “bargaining chip” for a yea vote for a school merger -? “this or else” – is no way to address parents of both school districts, who heretofore thought the stated attributes were already the goals of our present schools’ curriculum.

Those in favor of this proposed merger seem convinced this act will allow more savings of school funds from Albany. One should wonder with all the billions and billions of dollars in increased allocation of funding each year, why this shortage at every school’s local level, where the cost is highest (that is where the children are); priorities anyone?

The problem lies in Albany. Your tax dollars are siphoned off to pay countless six-figure earning bureaucrats. Their allocation of funds is like an inverted pyramid with local school budgets at the bottom, forcing cuts in teachers and curriculum.

This merger, either yea or nay, will not, over the long run, resolve our mismanaged fund allocations emanating from Albany. Everyone should contact their elected officials and demand that they restructure the education department at the top to save tax dollars, not at the local school level, where the need is greatest.