Officials: Don’t plow snow into road

GLOVERSVILLE – Sixth Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski alerted the public at the Common?Council meeting Tuesday that he has seen several residents moving snow from their property into the roadway, which is a violation of City Code.

“You cannot [blow snow] back into the street and you cannot plow snow back into the street,” he said. “There has been some issues with that being done during the last two snowstorms and I think it should be dealt with harshly.”

Police Chief Donald VanDeusen said he will have his officers start aggressively addressing the issue.

“We will encourage anyone who sees someone doing this to contact us immediately and, best case scenario, we can catch them in the act and cite them for a violation of City Code,” VanDeusen said. “We are going to have zero tolerance with the deposit of snow.”

People can report such activity by calling 736-2100 or 773-4506.