Move over for workers

The tragic recent death of a state trooper is another reminder of how dangerous our highways can be.

While authorities are still investigating the accident that claimed the life of the trooper, David W. Cunniff, 35, of Duanesburg, we remind our readers to obey the state’s “move over” law. Doing so could save a life.

So far, state police have not said why a tractor-trailer rear-ended Cunniff’s patrol vehicle, which had pulled over a car for speeding on the Thruway in Amsterdam on Monday.

Police have said Cunniff was inside his patrol car behind the car he had pulled over on the Thruway’s eastbound lanes around 8:20 p.m. Monday, when his cruiser was hit by the big rig and he was partially thrown from his vehicle. The tractor-trailer was traveling east in the right lane and drove off the road for some unknown reason near where the trooper’s car was idling with its emergency lights on.

The trooper suffered massive head trauma and was airlifted to Albany Medical Center Hospital, where he died Tuesday afternoon.

The truck also hit the car that was pulled over, injuring the driver.

The “move over” law, which took effect in January 2012 , is meant to protect workers stopped along roadways while doing their job. Drivers are supposed to reduce their speed when approaching an emergency vehicle that displays emergency lighting.

If possible, drivers must move from the lane immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle.

Please, remember that while it may be called the “move over” law, it is really common sense – and it can prevent a terrible accident.