District OKs policy change

MAYFIELD-The Mayfield Central School District Board of Education approved changes in the policy regarding homeschool students.

The board adopted changes to a policy to allow student support services for homeschool students, particularly for those with learning disabilities or special needs.

According to Mayfield Interim Superintendent Joseph Natale, the changes were made to the policy after changes in state regulations required them to alter it.

“It was just a level of service we have to provide for homeschool [students],” Natale said.

Natale said changes in state regulations require the district to provide support for students being homeschooled who have learning disabilities.

“They weren’t given those services previously,” Natale said.

Natale said with the change to the policy, the district will help students being homeschooled – who have learning disabilities – develop an Individual Education Plan.

“That is primarily the focus of it,” Natale said.

According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities website,, the IEP guides the delivery of special education supports and services for the student with a disability.

“To create an effective IEP, parents, teachers, other school staff and often the student must come together to look closely at the student’s unique needs,” the website said. “These individuals pool knowledge, experience and commitment to design an educational program that will help the student be involved in, and progress in, the general curriculum.”

Natale said the policy goes into effect immediately. Natale said he was not aware how many students would be affected by this change, nor how many home school students were in the district.

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