Merger numbers fail Northville taxpayers

After reading all the information on the merger study, I find it difficult to believe that Northville will benefit financially from the merger.

1.) After talking to the state Comptroller’s Office, they said mergers that work have a difference of 10 percent or less in the tax rates or one of the schools closes. Mayfield has a tax rate 48.8 percent higher than Northville’s. You have one guess as to what will make up this difference. Northville’s taxes would increase next year by $186.76 on a home with an assessed value at $100,000, or over 11 percent, or six times the tax cap. In comparison, a home with an assessed value of $100,000 in Mayfield would go down $558.67, or a more than 34 percent decrease. That is to close the gap in the tax rates.

2.) The incentive aid over the next 14 years is being used to equalize the tax rates. What happens when this aid runs out?

3.) Page 6 of the study cuts six positions in the elementary at Northville. How is that going to help the students with the new common core standards? The school says they have no intention of cutting these positions, but that will only increase the tax burden beyond the $186.67.

4.) Remember: all rates are only projections and estimates by the study team and are dependent upon the new school board using these numbers. This new board could raise Northville’s taxes by 48.8 percent, so they could use the incentive aid to enhance programs and put aside some for the future.

Lastly, think twice about agreeing to this merger. It’s a loser for the Northville taxpayers.