Area girls soccer players earn Section II honors

Several area players were among those honored recently at the annual Section II Girls Soccer Banquet.

A total of 11 players earned Section II all-star honors, while three players were named Player of the Year in their respective classes.

Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville swept the top awards in Class D with coach Zale Benton (Coach of the Year), Skyler Viveros (Player of the Year) and Leann Clark (Goalie of the Year) all being honored.

Viveros and Clark also were named Section II Class D all-stars, along with Hannah Taylor.

The Lady Wolves won the Section II Class D title this season.

Northville’s Mary Ryan also was named to the Class D all-star team.

Fort Ann had Molly Bailey, Casey Batchelder and Kaleigh Foran named all-stars.

Also named to the Class D all-star team were Mekeel Christian Academy’s Macie Holmes, Doane Stuart’s Louise Metz, and Bolton’s Abbie Seamans and Olivia Seamans.

Canajoharie also claimed a Section II title this season, claiming the Class C crown.

The Lady Cougars’ Jenelle Dillenbeck was named the Class C Player of the Year, while Canajoharie coach Ellee Fichthorn was named Coach of the Year.

The Lady Cougars also had Dillenbeck, Jordyn Logan and Ariannah Logan named to the Class C all-star team.

Hoosic Valley’s Samantha Carlo was named Goalie of the Year and a Class C all-star.

Hoosic Valley also had Sydney Fitzpatrick and Brittany Whitford named to the all-star team.

Also named to the Class C all-star team were Waterford’s Carley Brazill, Ashley Lefebvre and Abby Fountain, Schoharie’s Lauren Archer and Seana Cleveland, Middleburgh’s Taylor Cater and Amanda Roney, Galway’s Erica Chase, Maple Hill’s Sarah Friess, Berlin’s Maggie Gordon, Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s Delany Martin, Duanesburg’s Maeve McKeeby and Lake George’s Brittany Motta.

In Class B. Broadalbin-Perth’s Katie Herba and Hoosick Falls’ Mackenzie Hinchcliffe shared Player of the Year honors.

Hoosick Falls’ Hannah Fricke was named Goalie of the Year, while Schalmont’s Alaine Lange was named Coach of the Year.

In addition to Herba, Broadalbin-Perth also had Kylie Gifford named a Class B all-star.

Johnstown’s Morganne Dick also was named to the Class B all-star team.

In addition to Hinchcliffe and Fricke, Hoosick Falls also had Rachel Pine named to the all-star team.

Schalmont had Rachel Cardinal, Bianca Mascatelli, Kennedy Cronk and Madeline Saccoccio named Class B all-stars, while Caholic Central had Kelsey Moss, Madison Purcell and Liexi Rifflebach named to the all-star team.

Rounding out the Class B all-star team were Schuylerville’s Bridget Alber, Gabby Capobianco and Jordyn Rouselle, Ichabod Crane’s Kaci Aschenbrenner and Mariella Jacome, Catskill’s Carly Bulich, Tamarac’s Maria Clemente, Voorheesville’s Chelsea Duncan, Greenville’s Carly Johnson, Coxsackie-Athens’ Elisabeth Morehouse, Stillwater’s Erica Nichols, Albany Academy’s Valerie Taylor and Mechanicville’s Kim Thompson.

Amsterdam’s Cassandra Robataille was the lone area all-star in Class A.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake’s Morgan Burchardt was named Class A Player of the Year, while BH-BL coach Brian Bold was named Coach of the Year.

Averill Park’s Kelly Donnelly was named Class A Goalie of the Year and a Class A all-star.

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake placed Burchardt, Meghan Malone and Jenna Retell on the all-star team, while Cobleskill-Richmondville had Kate Billington, Randi Broadwell and Morgan Loder named Class A all-stars.

Rounding out the Class A all-star team were Queensbury’s Claire Hubbs and Brittany LaPlant, South Glens Falls’ Gabby Kreppein, Scotia-Glenville’s Abby O’Connor, and Lansingburgh’s Alexis Whalen.

In Class AA, Niskayuna’s Meghan Doyle was named Player of the Year, while Niskayuna’s Bryce Colby was named Coach of the Year. Shenendehowa’s Makayla Foley was named Goalie of the Year.

Doyle and Foley also were named Section II Class AA all-stars. In addition to Doyle, Niskayuna also had Sophia Constantine, and Marika Contompasis named all-stars, while Shenendehowa also had Katharine Benton named to the all-star team.

Also named Class AA all-stars were Columbia’s Kylee Arno, Saratoga Springs’ Ellen Bianco and Cassidy Driscoll, Guilderland’s Emily Center and Lauren Kogelmann, and Shaker’s Kate Essepian.

Section II Girls Soccer All-Stars

Class AA

Player of the Year: Meghan Doyle (Niskayuna)

Goalie of the Year: Makayla Foley (Shen)

Coach of the Year: Bryce Colby (Niskayuna)


Kylee Arno (Columbia), Katharine Benson (Shenendehowa), Ellen Bianco (Saratoga Springs), Emily Center (Guilderland), Sophia Constantine (Niskayuna), Marika Contompasis (Niskayuna), Meghan Doyle (Niskayuna), Cassidy Driscoll (Saratoga Springs), Kate Essepian (Shaker), Makayla Foley (Shenendehowa), Lauren Kogelmann (Guilderland)

Class A

Player of the Year: Morgan Burchhardt (Burnt Hills-Ballston lake)

Goalie of the Year: Kelly Donnelly (Averill Park)

Coach of the Year: Brian Bold (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake)


Kate Billington (Cobleskill-Richmondville), Randi Broadwell (Cobleskill-Richmondville), Morgan Burchhardt (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake), Kelly Donnelly (Averill Park), Brittany LaPlant (Queensbury), Morgan Loder (Cobleskill-Richmondville), Claire Hubbs (Queensbury), Gabby Kreppein (South Glens Falls), Meghan Malone (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake), Abby O’Connor (Scotia-Glenville), Cassandra Robataille (Amsterdam), Jenna Retell (Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake), Alexis Whalen (Lansingburgh)

Class B

Players of the Year: Katie Herba (Broadalbin-Perth) and Mackenzie Hinchcliffe (Hoosick Falls)

Goalie of the Year: Hannah Fricke (Hoosick Falls)

Coach of the Year: Alaine Lange (Schalmont)


Bridget Alber (Schuylerville), Kaci Aschenbrenner (Ichabod Crane), Carly Bulich (Catskill), Gabby Capobianco (Schuylerville)

Rachel Cardinal (Schalmont), Maria Clemente (Tamarac), Kennedy Cronk (Schalmont), Morganne Dick (Johnstown), Chelsea Duncan (Voorheesville), Hannah Fricke (Hoosick Falls), Kylie Gifford (Broadalbin-Perth), Katie Herba (Broadalbin-Perth), Mackenzie Hinchcliffe (Hoosick Falls), Mariella Jacome (Ichabod Crane), Carly Johnson (Greenville), Bianca Mascitelli (Schalmont), Elisabeth Morehouse (Coxsackie-Athens), Kelsey Moss (Catholic Central), Erica Nichols (Stillwater), Rachel Pine (Hoosick Falls), Madison Purcell (Catholic Central), Lexi Rifflebach (Catholic Central), Jordyn Rousselle (Schuylerville), Madeline Saccocio (Schalmont), Valerie Taylor (Albany Academy), Kim Thompson (Mechanicville)

Class C

Player of the Year: Jenelle Dillenbeck (Canajoharie)

Goalie of the Year: Samantha Carlo (Hoosic Valley)

Coach of the Year: Ellee Fichthorn (Canajoharie)


Lauren Archer (Schoharie), Carley Brazill (Waterford-Halfmoon), Samantha Carlo (Hoosic Valley), Taylor Cater (Middleburgh), Erica Chase (Galway), Seana Cleveland (Schoharie), Jenelle Dillenbeck (Canajoharie), Sydney Fitzpatrick (Hoosic Valley), Abby Fountain (Waterford), Sarah Friess (Maple Hill), Maggie Gordon (Berlin), Ashley LeFebrve (Waterford), Ariannah Logan (Canajoharie), Jordyn Logan (Canajoharie), Delany Martin (Berne-Knox-Westerlo), Maeve McKeeby (Duanesburg), Brittany Motta (Lake George), Amanda Roney (Middleburgh), Brittany Whitford (Hoosic Valley)

Class D

Player of the Year: Skyler Viveros (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville)

Goalie of the Year: Leann Clark (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville)

Coach of the Year: Zale Benton (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville)


Molly Bailey (Fort Ann), Casey Batchelder (Fort Ann), Leann Clark (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville), Kaleigh Foran (Fort Ann), Macie Holmes (Mekeel Christian), Louise Metz (Doane Stuart), Mary Ryan (Northville), Abbie Seamans (Bolton), Olivia Seamans (Bolton), Hannah Taylor (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville), Skyler Viveros (Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville)