Grant helps police nab new vehicle

GLOVERSVILLE – The city will purchase a new car for the Police Department for about $9,000, thanks in part to a $20,000 federal grant received by the department.

Chief Donald VanDeusen said the federal Byrne Jag Grant worth $20,000 was secured for the department by state Sen. Hugh Farley.

During a meeting Dec. 10 with the Common?Council, VanDeusen said with the grant and $5,263 remaining in the 2013 department equipment account, the remaining amount for the city to pay will be $9,142.

The chief said through a state contract, a 2014 AWD Ford Police Interceptor will cost $23,398.

However, after equipping the vehicle with the necessary paint, lights, radio and in-car computer, the cost will be $34,405.

The council unanimously approved VanDeusen moving forward with the purchase of the new vehicle.

“If we can get a brand new car for $9,000, I think we have to do that,” said 6th Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski.

VanDeusen told the council the vehicle would be used regularly once it becomes available.

“I believe it makes long-term financial sense,” the chief said about the purchase. “Keep in mind, that by the terms of the grant, this cannot take the place of any planned purchases that have been budgeted for or that were included in the capital plan.”

VanDeusen said the purchase of a vehicle was included in the 2013 capital projects section of the department’s budget, but the grant will help pay for a different patrol vehicle.

He said the car budgeted as a capital project will replace an older patrol car. The other new vehicle will supplement the existing fleet.

“This is helping us update our outdated fleet by putting safer and more reliable vehicles on the road,” VanDeusen said.