Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To a professional and a gentleman. Arthur “Skip” Spring has served as Fulton County government’s attorney for 25 years. His decision to retire at the end of this year brought well-deserved accolades. A plaque presented by the Board of Supervisors pretty much sums it up: “Skip built a reputation as an affable, level-headed colleague and adviser. Skip’s advice and opinions were delivered with candor, always reflecting his genuine admiration and respect for the institutions of government and the rule of law.” We join many in wishing Skip many years of enjoyment with his family and, of course, his passion – horses. Perhaps there will be another Bunny Lake in his future.

CHEERS – To the first phase. The Gloversville Public Library has taken a grand leap toward an expanded, renovated and state-of-the-art 21st-century learning center, as the first phase of the capital campaign has raised close to $900,000. This brings the total raised, so far, to $1.7 million. Most people realize libraries are a storehouse of knowledge. Libraries also fit into the big picture of what many local elected and business people are working hard at in growing our area’s economic development. Within successful development is the importance of offering attractive, functional and community-based places. Libraries rank high in that category.

CHEERS – To reassuring words. “I wouldn’t buy a building if I didn’t have people lined up.” These are the words reportedly said by one of the new owners of the former Beech-Nut facility in Canajoharie. The sale of this land and property is a perfect Christmas gift to the village, whose people have worked diligently to maintain the village’s charm and viability.

CHEERS – To first place. Congratulations to the Amsterdam Marching Rams for getting first- place recognition in the Schenectady Holiday Parade. And on the subject of the holidays, cheers to all the young people in our area school chorale groups and bands for their talents and gifts of music and excitement during this holiday season. They have shared their music with many who have attended their concerts. May music always be a part of education in all our schools.