Work eyed at former Beech-Nut facility

CANAJOHARIE – The company that purchased the former Beech-Nut building in the village could start demolition work at the site after the start of next year, according to a Montgomery County economic development official.

TD Development LLC closed a deal last week for the Beech-Nut Nutrition Corp. site.

Switzerland-based Hero Group, Beech-Nut’s parent company, sold the facility for an undisclosed amount of money.

TD Development plans to convert the 20-acre property into a multi-tenant shipping and light manufacturing complex, said Kenneth Rose, director of Montgomery County’s Business Development Center.

“[The sale] takes a building that wasn’t being utilized at all, and with the potential future plans that are envisioned at that site, it’s a tremendous opportunity for the village of Canajoharie,” Rose said. “To get that facility into some kind of operation will create jobs.”

Rose said over the next year-and-a-half, demolition crews will take out a 220,000-square-foot section of the building along the eastern edge to make room for a shipping staging area. Demolition work at the facility will begin after the start of 2014.

Pyramid Brokerage Co., a real estate company from Syracuse, handled the sale, Rose said.

Village Mayor Francis Avery said this sale will be good for the village.

“Nothing is happening [at the building], so this was a smart decision,” Avery said. “The only thing that was happening there was depreciation and deterioration. It was a very good move to sell it. These new people want to do something with it, and we’re very supportive.”

Avery said he doesn’t know a lot of the details regarding TD Development’s plans, but said he hopes the company generates jobs.

“Even 25 jobs is more than what we have now, so we’ll take whatever we get,” he said.

Beech-Nut moved out of the village and into its new building in the town of Florida about two years ago.