Domestic violence a serious crime

I am writing this letter to inform the Gloversville City Court as well as anyone else this letter will touch.

I have a person who is close to me who has been to domestic violence and asked for help. They were wonderful and helped the person, as well as the Gloversville Police Department.

Now this person is asking for the charges to be dropped on the abuser; they are third-degree menacing and criminal obstruction. The person held a knife to the victim’s throat while choking the victim.

I don’t know if many people know about domestic violence, but this is an awful thing. I myself was in this place years ago. This abuser has brainwashed this victim again. Everyone knows when abuse starts, it never ends. There is a history of assult and domestic violence as well as other things with this person. I have been in contact with the district attorney, Gloversville police, Johnstown police and domestic violence.

I made a Freedom of Information Law request from Johnstown and Gloversville to find out the person’s arrest record; anyone can get one.

This case will be heard this month. I am pleading with the people of Gloversville City Court: Don’t drop the charges – read the past arrests. Please make abusive people pay for their actions. Don’t let them get away with this no matter who they are.

There are different types of domestic violence: mental, physical and emotional. Everyone knows they are all bad. Some people even end up dead. Please take this into consideration; this is a horrible thing and every victim is someone who is truly loved, unconditionally loved by their family as well as other people. It’s worse than bullying, and we all know that’s out of hand too.

So please, please check backgrounds on people. Don’t drop charges on these people.

There was a signed witness report. Why would the charges even be considered dropped?