Resolutions address no-parking issues

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Board of Education has approved new parking measures that could affect drivers at Boulevard Elementary School, Gloversville Middle School and Gloversville High School.

One resolution approved at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting recommends the city allow parking on East Boulevard in front of Boulevard Elementary School during specific dropoff and pickup times when school is in session.

Another resolution allows city police to access the middle school and high school campuses to support the enforcement of parking restrictions.

Superintendent Michael Vanyo said the district is working with the city to make these changes.

“Some of the stuff is not our jurisdiction,” Vanyo said.

At a Common Council meeting last month, City Attorney Anthony Casale said only the school board can regulate or restrict traffic on school district property.

High School Principal Richard DeMallie has said parents aren’t following no-parking signs between the high school and middle school. Boulevard Principal Thomas Komp has said the number of parents dropping off children has increased, creating congestion in parking lots. He noted parking is already allowed on the west side of East Boulevard.

“It would be a big benefit if we could allow parking for maybe 10 or 20 minutes on East Boulevard,” Vanyo said.

Parking is not allowed between Second and Prospect avenues on the east side of East Boulevard.