Speculator man’s case adjourned

GLOVERSVILLE – The Speculator man who threatened to shoot up Gloversville High School “Columbine style” briefly appeared in City Court on Wednesday where his attorney was granted an adjournment to work on plea arraignment with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.

Trevor Blanchard, 24, of 104 Stanyon Park Drive, Speculator, was charged in September with making terrorist threats and disseminating indecent materials to minors, both felonies.

Albany attorney Mike Sutton, who was appointed to represent Blanchard, told Judge Traci DiMezza he wanted the matter adjourned until Jan. 8 so he can work with Assistant District Attorney Chad Brown on a plea arraignment.

“Plea bargain discussions, as with any case, are ongoing,” Sutton said after the appearance.

Brown was not in court Wednesday and didn’t return phone calls seeking comment.

“Trevor is a misunderstood young man and is a good guy,” Sutton said on Blanchard’s behalf. “We are just trying to resolve the case to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Sutton declined to answer questions about the incident that resulted in his client being arrested.

“At this point [Blanchard] maintains his innocence,” Sutton said.

Police said Blanchard’s threats were relayed to a female GHS student via Snapchat, a social media platform that allows people to send photos and text through mobile phones.

Police said Blanchard allegedly sent the girl a chat message requesting photos of herself. When she refused, the chief said, Blanchard allegedly sent lewd photos and subsequently made threats toward the girl and her friends, whose names he got through social media.

Gloversville Police Chief Donald VanDeusen said Blanchard’s final alleged threat to the girl was “Goodbye, GHS.”