County’s longtime attorney retires

JOHNSTOWN – Fulton County government recently honored the man who has served as its legal counsel for 25 years.

The Board of Supervisors presented a framed proclamation Monday to longtime County Attorney Arthur “Skip” Spring of Johnstown, who is retiring Dec. 31.

Board Chairman William Waldron read the proclamation, which stated that Spring leaves after “many years of meritorious service.” The proclamation offered Spring best wishes on his retirement and expressed “admiration for a good friend and member of the Board of Supervisors’ family.”

The proclamation noted Spring dedicated 25 years to Fulton County attorney duties. He started in that position Jan. 1, 1988.

Spring told the board that lawyers are usually “loquacious,” or talkative in their duties. But he was rendered nearly speechless Monday.

“I’m finding it a hard time to find the words to say,” Spring said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my years with the county.”

Spring could often be seen relied upon at the front of the Supervisors’ Chambers for his legal advise during board and committee meetings. He often represented the county’s interests in civil court proceedings and in Family Court. County government also relied upon him over the years to issue written opinions on issues, especially from his private practice on South Market Street in Johnstown.

Spring told the board he tried to keep the county out of litigation.

“I have done the best I could,” Spring said.

Jason Brott serves as assistant county attorney, but it was unclear this week whether he will assume the county attorney position.

Waldron noted Spring also served as assistant county attorney and assistant welfare attorney from 1976 through 1986.

“Skip distinguished himself as a hard-working and dedicated public servant, at all times committed to the best interest of the county of Fulton,” the proclamation said. “Skip built a reputation as an affable, level-headed colleague and advisor. Skip’s advice and opinions were delivered with candor, always reflecting his genuine admiration and respect for the institutions of government and the rule of law.”

County Administrative Officer Jon Stead stated, “The county attorney is kind of like your daddy. We’re losing a very faithful and trusted adviser for all of us.”