Donations to United Way will help others

On behalf of the United Way Board of Directors, associated agencies and volunteers, I’d like to extend to each and every one a happy holiday season.

When it comes to giving back to our community, I can think of no organization better to team with than United Way. And, your help is needed now more than ever to make Fulton County a better place to live, work and raise a family. United Way touches so many of us that often times we take the services for granted. As you know, there is a growing gap between the needs in our community and the resources to meet them.

Presently, our United Way provides support to 14 agencies that offer numerous programs and services addressing needs. Every day, someone is facing serious challenges. Need has no timetable. We, at United Way of Fulton County, are here to help.

If you are going to only write one contribution check this year, you will want that check to go to those who serve their causes with the greatest possible dedication. The United Way is the right choice as the recipient of that check. Your donation affects real changes and positive outcomes. You can rest assured that every dollar raised through United Way stays, here making a difference in local people’s lives.

If you are considering an end-of-year donation to United Way, here are some tax-related deadlines to consider. If you are sending a check for the 2013-14 campaign year, and want credit for 2013, all checks must be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2013. Gifts of securities must be transferred to the United Way brokerage account by the end of the business day on Dec. 31, 2013. Please call me at 725-9817 for details if your broker needs our Depository Trust Co. instructions well in advance of that date.

Your help is needed now more than ever, and every gift, regardless of how big or small, makes a difference. Your contribution to the United Way campaign makes it possible to help local people in need – neglected children, families in crisis, aging seniors, individuals who are physically or mentally challenged, and many more.

Remember, this is your United Way – please join us and help. Together, we get to the heart of what matters, especially during this season of goodwill toward men (and women and children).


Executive director/secretary,

United Way of Fulton?County