Board eyes amending resolution

FONDA – Montgomery County’s Finance Committee reached an agreement Tuesday regarding a 2012 resolution for the county’s liability coverage.

Board members agreed to pass a resolution renewing the county’s general liability and other insurance coverage to Hays & Wormuth of Amsterdam, with the intention of amending it next Tuesday at the full Board of Supervisors meeting.

The resolution passed by the board reads: “it is the desire of the county to maintain property, general liability and flood insurance with Hays & Wormuth Inc. through Travelers.”

Officials said their intention is to amend the resolution and replace the words “Hays & Wormuth” with “John Mancini” at next Tuesday’s meeting.

Hays & Wormuth is an independent insurance agency that’s run through Travelers Insurance.

John Mancini is the president of Hays & Wormuth and the county’s insurance agent. At Tuesday’s meeting, Mancini said he’s decided to dissolve Hays & Wormuth and start a new company – Beacon Insurance Agency Group.

“The way I look at it is, me and Hays & Wormuth and me and Beacon are essentially one and the same,” Mancini said. “I’ve always been your point person, I’ve always been the owner of the companies and I’ve always been the person who constructed the [insurance] program. So, there’s really no change in companies. There’s no change of my services.”

According to the resolution, the cost of coverage, “will not exceed $550,000.”

Mancini said the cost will not change for the county.

However, board members were concerned with the legality of ending a contract with Hays & Wormuth because it is still in existence. Mancini told the committee the county does not have a written contract with Hays & Wormuth.

County Attorney Doug Landon assured the board Mancini was correct.

“There isn’t an actual contract with Hays & Wormuth; we purchased the insurance from Travelers through Hays & Wormuth, so our contract is with [Travelers],” Landon said.

Landon said the board would have to change the resolution to indicate the insurance is being replaced through Mancini, rather than a renewal with Hays & Wormuth.