Do right thing Jan. 7: Vote ‘yes’ on merger

Like many others, I moved into the Northville Central?School District after I retired and was living on a fixed income. I never thought much about our property taxes until I noticed how much they were increasing year by year.

After serving on the Community Advisory Committee, the committee charged to develop a school merger plan, it was obvious to me the only way to keep school taxes down was to support the Northville-Mayfield merger. We need the financial benefits that come with it.

But what about the education of our kids? Didn’t others support the schools where my kids grew up? Don’t we have an obligation to make sure that future generations are offered a well-rounded education and are prepared to join the workforce?

Unfortunately, without the merger we will continue to lose programs. Enrollment and course offerings will continue to decline, sports and other extra-curricular programs will be cut, and we’ve already lost a lot. I recently heard a mother say that her sixth-grade child had three study halls each day because the electives that he could take were so limited. Do you remember what a waste of time study halls were?

So, I urge you all to do the right thing. Fortunately, in this case doing the right thing will help taxpayers and the kids by keeping our taxes down and at the same time ensuring that the programs that have already been cut will be restored.

Vote “yes” on Jan. 7.